Tuesday, July 28, 2009


July has been an active month with all of the nice weather. We are still working on our pace of play plan and we are waiting to hear if we will be part of a national study that is starting.

However, we are now planning our fall aerification schedule and would like your feedback. Do you feel that aerification negatively impacts course conditions? Would you prefer to see a full aerification schedule in advance?


Ryan said...

It's annoying, but I don't think it is a big deal unless you're playing in a tournament. It's part of life when you play golf and means you're working to keep the course in good shape. A schedule would be helpful so that I could shift among courses as necessary.

TheRusty said...

I assume we're talking greens here. Fairway aerification is not a big deal in my book. "Surprise" green aerification is annoying because it can affect scoring and handicaps. Advance notification, signage in the pro shop and verbal reminders before purchase are big plusses.

A lot depends on how aerification is done. The little holes have less impact than the big ones. Another factor is the schedule. Splitting the work between front and back reduces the impact to regular players who will play anyway, but increases the impact for those who prefer to play courses in full health.

Given a choice, I'd prefer to play other courses while my home course is recovering from aerification. But if I'm being surprised, 9 good holes is better than 18 bad ones.

oobgolf said...

"Do you feel that aerification negatively impacts course donditions?"

... is that a real question that needs an answer? Of course it does! That's obvious. The question is how the courses handle it. I'll walk off a course on hole one if I've just paid full price without being warned about aerification. That said- if I know ahead of time- I'd be happy to a play a punched course for a discount. It's about knowing what's coming.

Just give us a heads-up and don't do all the courses at once.

golferbob37 said...

Aerification or aeration...whichever is grammatically correct, is a major pain in the butt, especially if not known in advance. Since almost everyone putts about 32 times per round on "clean" greens, I would estimate that aeration adds at least three more putts per round, and probably more. Agree that the little holes are less of a problem. Also agree with previous coments that schedules should be postsed well in advance, and that there should be discounts. One of the upscale courses in our area, Msket Ridge, offers a significant sdiscount during "Aerification Week." Everyone should follow that lead. As a side note, the group of travelling seniors in which I play will not even schedule a round on a course whose greens have recently been punched.