Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loyalty Program 2010

We have been developing a revised Loyalty Program that is much simpler to use and will provide greater value to our guests. It is important to us to have your input before we finalize our program. The following is a summary of the key points of our proposed new program and we are asking that you provide your feedback so we may create a final program that will be rolled out next spring.

The current Loyalty Program offers rewards based on rounds played and awards free golf carts and green fees. The proposed new program will be an expansion of our current program using the current loyalty cards. We are proposing a system which will issue a point for every dollar spent at the MCG facilities. This includes green and cart fees, merchandise, driving range, and food and beverage. The only items not included will be lessons, camps, or clinics. The points accumulated can be used to redeem awards such as free green and cart fees and other items to be determined.

Additionally, there will be three levels of loyalty in the new program:

Standard Level - FREE
1. standard tee time policy
2. standard one (1) point per dollar spent
3. Eclub list

Silver Level – Annual Fee $125
1. Standard tee time policy
2. Standard one (1) point per dollar spent
3. Eclub list
4. Annual handicap
5. Invitation to all Loyalty Club events
6. $5 off green fee for each play
7. One (1) free green fee

Gold Level - Annual Fee $199
1. All Silver Level benefits
2. $10 off green fees each play
3. Employee Pricing - cost plus 10% on all pro shop purchases

Developing a program that is beneficial to you is our ultimate goal and we look forward to your input in helping us create a better Loyalty Program. Please let us know if you like the proposed new program; if not why and what modifications you would suggest, and please provide any additional suggestions you have to make our proposed Loyalty Program better.


Mike47 said...

I suggest that Montgomery County residents should receive a special "resident rate" discount as other localities provide their residents.

id said...

I like the idea of points for dollars spent - this means that us 9 hole players can benefit as well as 18 hole players, and we get rewarded for patronizing the snack bars, etc.

Keith Miller, Executive Director said...

Mike 47 - Thanks for the suggestion. The discount you are referring to is common when a municipality operates golf courses with taxpayer funds. Since the MCRA is self sustaining and does not receive any taxpayer subsidy it is our goal to provide the best pricing to all golfers.

id - thank you for the comments on our proposed loyalty program.

Tom said...

I agree with id that it would be good to get points for playing 9 holes. I'd also like to see more details on the awards. I like the current free round for 5 points. How many dollars spent/points would it take to earn a free round?

Larry57 said...

The Silver Level requires me to play 21 times to recover the up front cost of $125 ( assuming senior rates and worthless points). Why would I want to gamble that I will manage to play 21 times? I don't think you will get many takers. Why not enhance the program by extending the points to food and golf shop? At the moment they are worth $5 apiece to seniors as greens fees.

Jim said...

I agree with Tom: You can't evaluate the program without knowing how many points it would take to get a free round. Why not give all the details? As an out-of-county golfer who plays in a foursome of two county residents and two nonresidents, I do applaud the decision not to discriminate against people who happen to live elsewhere.

Robert said...

I think that there should be more opportunities to play with reduced fees including cart for seniors Monday thru Friday. If the rates increase more the option would be for us to play less rounds of golf during the season. A reasonable rate should be $25 cart and green fees for seniors, and hold more special weeks as you did one week for $20. Us seniors on fixed income can not afford higher fees especially with the cost of equipment during the year, give us a real break !

Matt said...

I think that it is great that I may finally get some reward for my almost weekly play of the NW inside nine.

Jeffrey McCandless said...

I would like to suggest that points do not expire at the end of the year. I had a few rounds worth of points accumulated and now have a broken foot and can't redeem my points before the end of the year, yes not a common problem but a bummer none the less.