Friday, May 27, 2011


Keep your head down! You picked up your head! You are sliding in front of it! I’m sure every golfer has heard at least one of these phrases during a round of golf or while taking a lesson from your golf professional.

When something to this effect is stated, what the person is trying to tell you is that in order to hit a solid shot your head MUST be behind the ball at impact.

We see players do this in baseball all the time. A batter will look up to center field during his or her swing, in hopes of hitting a home run. This will, in most cases, result in a strike.

When referring to keeping the head down, picking the head up, or sliding in front of it, we are really talking about keeping the top of your spine behind the ball at impact. This will, in turn, keep your head down through the swing.

A couple tips to help with this problem are to slow down and stop trying to hit the home run or, in our case, the 300 yard marker. If a shot is properly hit, you should see the ball when it is reaching its highest peak. If this happens, you have hit a solid shot.

I encourage you to watch good players and see where their head is positioned during the swing, especially at impact, and shortly after impact. You can clearly see in this photo that he did not peek at impact.

If you are not hitting solid shots, keep the thought “don’t peek” in your mind and you are sure to improve in this area.

Dean Greer, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Laytonsville Golf Course

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