Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feeling the Pressure . . .?

                                . . . Let it go

There are a lot of ways that pressure can creep into your otherwise enjoyable golf experience. Most of these pressures have a detrimental effect on your performance.

  • Your opponents or playing partners are all safely on the green or in the fairway and you are the last to play.
  • You need a few extra yards to carry a hazard or reach a green
  • Your ball is down in some thick rough ( it can be quite healthy this time of year)
  • You’re down a few strokes in a match or struggling to play up to your own standards.
Most often, these pressures manifest themselves in the way we grip the golf club. Fear and anxiety turn into Tension and Increased Grip Pressure. When we squeeze on the handle of a club,

·         we choke off the flow of energy to the club head and the ball ( slower swing speed )

·         put the brakes on the natural rotation that the face of the club, needed for a square impact with the ball

·         Decrease the effective mass of the club head. The harder you squeeze, the lighter the club head becomes.

Why spend $ 300 dollars on a golf club and then squeeze it until it performs like a $ 3 piece of lumber?

The next time you’re stuck in the rough, or need a few extra yards, or feel added pressure to make a good swing, go ahead and squeeze it as hard as you can. Then release the pressure until most of your fingers are at about half as tight as you could hold them; or “5” on a scale of 1 to 10.

For optimum club head speed, the only squeezing should take place as far away from the club head as possible; in the first 3 fingers of your top or gloved hand, and should decrease from finger to finger as you go down the club. So, on the 1 to 10 scale from the top of the grip, you should feel “9-8-7-5-5” on the top hand, then

“5-5-5-5-5” on the lower hand; freeing up the club head to swing while giving you plenty of control of the club face.

Feeling the Pressure . . .?

                                                          . . . Let it go
 . . . and dial 987-555-5555
                                            . . . for better performance

Martin Zadravec
Northwest Golf Course
Golf Professional, Instructor

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