Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall - the best time to play golf?

Some people say the spring is the best time to play golf.  Others will argue that summer is the best time but I say fall is the best time to play golf.

Spring can't be the best time because the grass is just starting to grow after a long winter.  The greens are not consistent because of the different types of grasses and the poa produces those seed heads that make the greens look white.  Most of all golfers are just trying to remember how to hold the club and make a swing after a long winter.

Summer can't be the best time because it is 100 degrees and humid.  The superintendents have to protect the courses by mowing the grass a little higher and there is always some sign of stress on the course.

Fall has to be the best time because the courses are healing from the late summer aerification.  Any weak areas on a course heal quicker because the grass is still growing strong.  The nights are cooler and the sun is not so strong so the superintendents can have fun and make the greens super fast again.  Playing in the fall is refreshing with the nice temperatures and cool breezes not to mention the great scenery with the trees changing colors.  

So even though the calendar says Labor Day, don't put away those clubs or you will be missing out on the best golf of the year.    

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