Friday, April 6, 2012

New Flag System for MCG Greens

You may have noticed a recent change (or will notice soon depending on arrival of new scorecards to each course) to the flag system on our greens.

Historically, all MCG courses (except Poolesville and Hampshire Greens) have used a red-white-blue flag system to designate front-middle-back pin placement on greens.  (Little Bennett was red-white-yellow.)  We have chosen to launch a more consistent flag system so you are not encountering something different every other round at our courses.

The Executive 9 at Needwood, the Inner 9 at Northwest, and Sligo Creek GC are staying red-white-blue only since it is easier for the large number of beginner and family golfers we have playing there to identify pin placement since many family groups choose not to use a scorecard.

You will now be seeing scorecards that look more like this example:
You will be informed at the beginning of your round via the starter and/or signage near the first tee whether the flag is in pin position A, B, or C for the day, and with an image for each green on the scorecard, you’ll be able to see where it is, as well as have a reminder about the shape of the green for strategizing your approach shot.  

*** It is extremely important for maintenance staff to rotate the pins around the greens in order to distribute the traffic wear from golfers to different parts of the green.  DID YOU KNOW THAT AN AVERAGE GOLF GREEN RECEIVES 10,000 footsteps per day?  Grass on golf greens is already under stress naturally due to the low mowing height around 1/8”!  Add golfer traffic, varying soil moisture stress (too wet/too dry), heat stress in the summer, pest problems almost year round (any of about 20 disease pathogens that affect turfgrass), insect damage to roots and leaves, (the list goes on and on!), and you can understand why greens require so much attention every day! 

Varying the pin placement according to the A-B-C system ensures that maintenance staff are properly rotating traffic as well as varying your experience each day if you are a daily or frequent player.
The flag change also coincides with the launch of our new logos at MCG courses as well!  If you haven’t noticed yet, you will begin to see more and more of these new logos. 
New merchandise is in our pro shops with the new logos … Get yours soon and be one of the first to wear it!

We hope you will continue to enjoy some of the positive changes that are taking place around our properties.  At any time you may contact us with questions or feedback.  We appreciate it!


Marc said...

the new logo for Northwest look great. And so does the new pro shop. Great to see my "home" course getting a refresh

Jon Lobenstine, Director of Agronomy said...

Thanks, Marc! We are very excited for the changes as well, and appreciate the feedback!