Friday, November 23, 2012

Forward tee construction at Northwest

If you have played Northwest from the forward tees, then you know that some of the teeing areas are not level.  Since this golf course was not originally constructed with forward tees in mind, an area of rough mowed down to tee height and converted to perennial ryegrass has been the norm. .

Superintendent Chris Fernandes and his team have begun taking the most out-of-level teeing areas and building a proper tee box on holes 6, 9, and 18 so far.  And apparently it has been well received, indicated by the hugs he has received from some of our lady golfers there, who are thrilled at the new addition of these tees!

New tees were built closer to cart paths for easier accessibility and reduced turf wear.  Each area was built up with some good local topsoil, and graded to a fine level with hand rakes while using surveying equipment to ensure they are precisely correct.

Sod was stripped off the old tee box and transplanted to the new one, and the new tee boxes were well-rooted and ready for play in as little as one week!

Kudos to those guys for a great job, and some much appreciated work!

stripping sod off new tee location

staking out area to be levelled

a little hand raking after rough grade established

plate tamping the surface

Rough sod outlines the tee box; ready to be grassed!

New tee box ready to go!  This tee box was opened for play in 14 days after some quick rooting of the ryegrass and tall fescue sod.

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