Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's that time again! (Aeration)

The most important cultural practice that is performed at our facilities is core aeration, and I could literally wear out the keyboard discussing the benefits of this process!  The process of aeration and recovery is very stressful both physically and mentally for our staff, because we take such pride if maintaining great conditions for you!  But this temporary disruption to our playing surfaces is what helps the turf remain healthy throughout the year and is very important!  So what exactly is so great about removing all these plugs of soil from your beautiful golf course?
  • Improved root growth
  • Improved gas exchange (oxygen to the root zone and actual air movement underground!)
  • Decreased thatch and organic matter that can hold excess water (bad for root development and increases disease pressure and insect problems)
  • Incorporation of pure sand in greens to keep these important channels open (tremendous root growth in these holes!) as well as firm the playing surface
  • Alleviates compaction caused by foot and vehicle traffic
  • Improved water infiltration
  • Improved microbial activity (healthy microbes help the soil environment function better)
  • And the list goes on!

Superintendents LOVE this root development in aeration holes!
So when exactly will our courses be aerating? 
Find our aeration schedule HERE.  

On the date of aeration, the areas mentioned (front 9/back 9) will be closed for the day.  We have selected aeration dates that work best for the specific needs of each course based on types of grass, staffing levels, equipment sharing, and environmental conditions, as well as trying to work around major events and outings that are already scheduled.

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