Sunday, November 22, 2009

Loyalty Program 2010 - Part 3

Thank you for your continued input on our proposed new MCG Loyalty Program; your input is continuing to help us develop the program. The following is the latest information based on the feedback and input to date.

  • Awards - we are working on developing a sample level of awards with required points for your review. The goal is to keep the awards for golf and carts as easily achievable as they are today.
  • Seniors - We are very appreciative of the loyalty of the play of our senior golfers. We are now working on different ideas for senior programs.
  • Expiration of Points - It is currently our plan not to expire points for the new program unless the account is not active for a period of time. The current points expired because we realized this was a transition program year and the two point systems would be dramatically different.
  • Poll - To date, 63% of the respondents are in favor of us changing the MCG Loyalty Program for 2010. However, 56% say that price is the main reason that they play a course and 35% state that course conditions are their main reason they play a course. Our priority remains focused on providing the best course conditions at the best price to all of our players.

Thank you for your continued input and feedback.


docmit said...

Have you considered offering a military discount, especially for active duty? Many courses in the MD, DC, Northern VA area do.

Dude said...

No buy in programs. I am not going to pay you $50, $75 or more for the honor and privilege of playing at your facilities so that I can qualify for a discount.

I want you to reward me for patronizing you. Make it easy for me to show up and get a discount.

I don't join retailers "loyalty" programs when I have to pay to join. I like Safeway's and Giant's programs. Where you make a purchase and then swipe your card and it gives you an immediate discount. CVS on the other hand prints out a large receipt that gives you coupons to used within X many days on items that you don't buy and wouldn't normally buy.

To summarize don't make it difficult and don't charge me to enable me to get discounts.