Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seniors Part 1

There have been many comments from our senior golfers regarding our senior rates. We understand that these are tough times and it is our commitment to offer everyone a great golf experience at the best possible price. Therefore, in 2006 we adopted a supply and demand style pricing which allows us to offer greater accessibility to all of the golfers in our system. In 2009, we discounted and stabilized the pricing for all of our senior golfers. The price for senior golf varied in 2008 with an average rate of $34.95 green fee plus a $5 cart fee for a total rate of $39.95. We introduced a standard senior rate in 2009 of $29.95 including a cart. Several of you have suggested that a discount be given if you do not ride but as you can see, the discount has already been applied and we are just adding further value to the green fee. Senior rounds are very important to the success of our system as seniors are generally more available during weekday and normal work times.

Considering all of these factors, we would like your feedback and input as to what we can do, besides changing the price or age requirements, to make your experience better. Would packaging lunch with the green and cart fee help you to enjoy the day? Or would more social tournaments such as an interclub series between all of the MCG courses create a better experience? Would you like more structured events at the facility you play regularly? These are some of the questions we have been asking internally as we try to develop a program that will improve you experience at MCG course. We look forward to hearing your ideas.


Raf said...

How about a free bucket of range balls if you play 18 holes.

Jerry V said...

The $29.95 fee with cart is great and no frills should be added. Any formatted or regularly scheduled events would just reduce the available tee times for all of us, especially those who can get out on short notice.

If the current rate structure allows you to maintain the courses in the great shape they were in this year, march on! Job well done.

Some of us seniors are always looking for a free lunch(don't do that either)or cheaper prices without considering the cost instead of just supporting their local courses that make it possible to play more times a year.
The something for nothing bunch that even carries their water and sodas will complain no matter what you do!!

I play quite often in OC, Fenwick, and both public and private courses in MC, and believe without question the RA weekday pricing for seniors is fantastic. I do not believe this to be true, however, for their other rates since I often play resort courses on weekends for a similar price to play locally.

Pace of play is still the biggest headache, but it was noticeable this year (at Northwest, at least)that the marshalls were trying to help out.

Thanks to the guys at NW, Laytonsville, Rattle and HG and congrats on the greens and course condition.

Alan said...

I almost exclusively play the Poolesville course & loved when lunch was included in the 18 hole rate. I feel the senior rate is very fair even when lunch is not included. I would like to see more structured mid-week events since as a senior I do not always have friends who are available for mid-week play. More events would give seniors a chance to develop relationships with potential playing partners.

Bill said...

how about one day a week the senior rate of 24.95...
The free lunch might slow up already slow play with people wanting to stop at the turn and eat.
more senior intra and inter course play would be great...

Slow play is still a BIG problem especially at Needwood

Larry57 said...

I want to compliment the Rev. Auth. folks for the great job they have done in improving the courses since they took over. They are great.

I think that the seniors will be well served if you just keep the pricing, and free round arrangement the way it has been.

My group wouldn't hang around for a free lunch, so that has no value to us. The starters are great at fitting in singles, so we don't see the need to carve out time for tournaments.

You could, however make the course a bit more senior friendly by extending the first cuts back to within 165 yards of the senior tees. And perhaps widening the first cut a bit at that point. This would speed up play because, due to vision problems, many seniors lose sight of the ball after 150 yards and spend a lot of time looking for short drives if they have veered into the deeper rough. This senior-friendliness wouldn't be noticed by the longer hitters. But it would speed up play.

We'll all thank you if you can keep the program pricing stable and the courses in as great shape as they were this year.

serconsult1 said...

Lower the senior age to 55! Many area courses have lowered their senior rate to 55 such as Redgate, Stonewall, Musket Ridge, etc. You will attract more golfers! I select courses that offer a 55 age for seniors.

phil said...

I appreciate the discount for Seniors and have not played as much as I would have liked the last few years due to what are high fees for me. I played courses in nearby Counties that had kinder rates for Seniors on several occasions. No need for lunch in my opinion or more inter course play as I don't have unlimited time and golf isn't my only hobby or interest.

As far as slow play is concerned People have various levels of skill and ability. While there are always a few groups who spend too much time hacking away and or looking for balls things generally flow pretty well in my experience. Perhaps those who play faster could be more understanding of the different levels of skill out on the course and respectfully ask to play through rather than hit balls within a few feet of those in front of them on the course. It is after all supposed to be enjoyable. Phil


I agree that things are working pretty well, and would be happy if the program is kept the same for 2010. The comment re pulling back the first cut is excellent -- fewer lost balls means faster play.