Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loyalty Program 2010 - Part 5

Thank you for all of the feedback and suggestions that you have provided. Based on the information received we have modified the 2010 program. Please review the following information and again share your thoughts and comments. I again encourage everyone to remain professional in your posts. We realize that any change to a program is difficult and that is why we are trying to establish a program for the long term.

  • We are changing the program to the MCG Rewards Program -several of you have correctly commented that this program does not produce loyalty and we agree. According to a recent poll only 4% of our respondents say a loyalty program impacts their decision on where to play golf. However, in the same poll respondents indicated price and course conditions most impacted their decision to play a course. Therefore, our main focus will continue to be providing the best course conditions at the lowest price. This program will simply enable you to earn rewards based on the dollars you spend.

  • Silver and Gold Options - these options have been removed and the program remains free.

  • Changes to the reward requirements - We have modified the reward requirements to be closer to the current program but based on the new point per dollar system. Our system continues to be one of the most aggressive rewards program in the area.

  • Rewards are for Green Fees and a $10 cart fee will apply when there is a mandatory cart policy in place. (For example at Hampshire Greens).

  • 2009 Reward Points - We have extended the deadline for rewards use to February 28, 2010 for anyone who has points left over from last year.

  • Rewards Points - You will be able to begin earning points on the new system as of March 2010.

  • Point Expiration - New points will not expire unless a card is not used for a period of 6-months.

  • Reward levels - MCRA reserves the right to modify the reward levels.

Point Reward Program

120 pts: Free cart fee
150 pts: 9-Hole Green Fee at Sligo Creek Golf Course, Needwood Executive Nine,
or Northwest Inside-9
200 pts: 18-Hole Senior Weekday, Twilight Green Fee, 18-hole weekday Green Fee at
Poolesville GC
300 pts: 18-Hole Weekday Green Fee at any MCG Course
400 pts: 18-hole Friday Green Fee Friday at Any Golf Course
500 pts: 18 hole Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday Green Fee at Poolesville,
Laytonsville, or Rattlewood Golf Courses
550 pts: 18-hole Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday Green Fee at Needwood or
600 pts: 18 hole Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday Green Fee at
Hampshire Greens, Falls Road, or Little Bennett Golf Courses
1,000 pts: - $100 Gift Card OR Members Package (Includes an 18-hole Green Fee anytime at any MCG course, Free cart fee, Free range balls for the day, Free dozen Titleist Balls, Free lunch, Free glove, and Free hat)
1,500 pts: - $150 Gift Card OR Weekday Foursome Green and Cart Fee
at any MCG golf course
2,000 pts: - $200 Gift Card OR Weekend Foursome Green and Cart Fee at
any MCG golf course
2,500 pts: - $250 Gift Card
3,000 pts: - $300 MCG Gift Card OR
Players Package (1 pair DryJoys Shoes, 1 Titleist Stand Golf Bag, Dozen ProV1)
5,000 pts: - $500 MCG Gift Card OR a set of Titleist AP2 Irons or Cobra S2 Irons (set of 8 irons in steel or graphite)


William said...

I'm a little confused. Is this 1 point for 1 dollar? If that's the case it would take ten $30 rounds to get one weekday round free. I thought I read that before it was one free round for five rounds (assuming weekday for everything). If this is the case, it seems the deal is getting worse. Thank you for listening and trying to improve the system. I enjoy jumping from course to course for variety but I'll play Needwood everyday before I'll pay a lot more from Falls Road or Little Bennett.

Walter said...

This reward program is getting less rewarding. I liked the old rewards program. The county has set up and chage these prorams every year. Make it simple and stop changing it. I golf 25-30 rounds a year. the county coarses will be getting less of my money with out a simple rewards program. Keep trying.

RalphB97 said...

I guess I'm in the 4% on your loyalty polling. Our senior foursome played MCG courses almost exclusively last year in order to get a free round after playing 5. As I understand the current proposal we would play 7 rounds (at $30) to get one free senior weekday round. Not an improvement unless we drink a lot of beer and get points for that.

Anyway, your base price for seniors was a great deal in 2009 and we hope you can continue that.

Tom said...

This is an improvement over the last proposal but, as others have pointed out, still less rewarding than last year's program. I like that you have a weekday round at any of the courses for 300 rather than having higher points required for some courses. But $300 is also a lot more than what I normally spent to receive a free round under the old program. I would still prefer the old program or a lower point requirement for a free weekday round.

Anonymous said...

How about letting us continue to earn 2009 points until Feb 28? The early freeze closed the courses and cut our 2009 season short. That would show some loyalty to the players!!!

Anonymous said...

Not having to pay for the program is probably your best bet if you are going to require to spend more $ to earn free golf. Will I be earning points for league play?

Knowing I will be earning points with snack bar purchases I'll be using this option more frequently and sneaking in less from home! How will you handle those purchases made from the cart on the course?

I still like the idea of having a discount for those who live in Montgomery County.

I would like to see more events or special pricing days for Loyalty Club Members. Perhaps you can rotate these events through all the courses instead of offering them everywhere. That way the course can plan for extra staff and can better handle the influx of golfers with minimal wait times.

Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry type-o!
I meant to say...

Perhaps you can rotate these events through ONE course instead of offering them everywhere. That way the course can plan for extra staff and can better handle the influx of golfers with minimal wait times.

Dharma said...

So what's the deal?!

Is the program going to be the same as 2009? It should be because, based on the responses, the vast majority of players do NOT spend enough $ at the snack and/or pro shops to make it worth their while.

Again, DO NOT CHANGE THE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B said...

At this point, I'm more concerned by the lack of support MCG provides for it's program. I've e-mailed them once and called them twice without ever recieving a response. As a county taxpayer for 40 years, I expect better!