Saturday, March 13, 2010

Loyalty Program 2010 - Part 6

The 2010 Loyalty Program is now in effect. Based on all of the feedback we have modified the 2009 program to include points and rewards for 9-hole rounds. Therefore, the points rewarded for an 18-hole round and the points required for an 18-hole reward has doubled. The full details of the program are below.

2010 MCG Loyalty Program – MCG is proud to announce its annual loyalty program for 2010. The program is based on the same program as the 2009 program with a modification to offer points and rewards for 9-hole rounds. The program is free and available to all golfers.

Loyalty members – will receive 1 point for 9-hole green fee rounds and 2 points for 18-hole green fee rounds
Loyalty members will receive a loyalty card which will identify them at each facility.

Terms and Conditions

- Loyalty Card and points are valid for the calendar year only.
- Loyalty Card must be presented at the time of the sale in order to earn points.
- Unused Loyalty points expire as of December 31, 2010

Simple Point System
- 1 (one) point will be awarded for each 9 hole green fee purchased.
- 2 (two) points will be awarded for each 18 hole green fee purchased
- League, Twilight, Member For a Day, Tournament and MCG Player Development program rounds will not earn points.

Rewards – Points can be used in any combination.
Points may be used for Greens Fees and Cart fee at any MCG facility.

6 points –Golf Cart (any course) OR 9 Hole Round at ANY course Monday – Friday OR 9-Hole Round at Needwood Executive, Northwest Inner Nine Saturday - Sunday OR 9 Hole round at Sligo Creek Saturday - Sunday after 12pm.

10 points –Monday – Thursday Green Fee at all MCG Course. Mandatory cart fees will be charged at Hampshire Green and Little Bennett.

16 Points – Friday, Saturday, Sunday Greens Fee at Needwood, Northwest, Poolesville, Laytonsville, and Rattlewood

20 Points –Friday, Saturday, Sunday Greens Fee at Little Bennett, Hampshire Greens, and Falls Road

- MCRA reserves the right to modify point system at any time without prior notice
- MCRA reserves the right to modify or cancel point awards at its sole discretion


clp150 said...

This looks great!! Thanks for listening to and acting on the feedback that you received. This is a terrific plan.

Dharma said...

Great plan and thanks for taking into consideration the players' comments but I did have one question... in 2009 did players receive a point for playing Twilight? I thought so but could be mistaken. Thanks.

Keith Miller, Executive Director said...


Thanks for the comment. Twilight rounds did not receive points in 2009 and we continued that policy for 2010.

Swug said...

I'm a fan of the program and used it extensively last season. Including 9-holes in the program this season is a great addition. What I'd love to see is a senior walking rate, because walking is a BIG part of my exercise program. It's not a deal breaker for me, but if all other ages have a lower walking rate, it seems seniors should too. Actually, sometimes the regular walking rate is lower than the senior rate. Anyway, hope you consider it.