Friday, April 29, 2011

Posture and Set-up

An often overlooked and important aspect of the golf swing is Posture and Set-up. For this tip, lets assume that we are speaking about a player with no major physical ailments and it can be for a right or left-handed player.

I spend a lot of time prior to correcting a players' swing by going over proper posture. Golf is a game that puts a lot of torque and pressure on our body.  If you are in the wrong position you can only hit poor shots and you can damage your muscles and/or joints. Proper posture is also a major contributor to proper balance and that is why I view it as a very important part of the golf swing!

I have used the following 4 check points which I have learned over the years from many nationally recognized instructors.

1) The tips of your shoulders when tilted over from the waist will line up with the tips of your toes

2) Your stance should be at shoulder-width to support your weight shift and turn. Shoulder width means taking the measurement of your shoulder s and having that distance between the insteps of your feet.

3) Your hip joints, when properly bent over, will align directly over the back of your shoes. This will help you load your hip on your back swing for power.

4) The last vertical alignment check is a little more in depth. The top of your spine aligns vertically with the back of your elbows, then tips of your knees and finally to the balls of your feet. This final alignment check indicates if you are "skeletally stacked"!

If you are not properly stacked or set-up, your golf swing can get off-plane and out of position causing many errant shots in any direction. We talk about many other sports where you need to get in a proper "athletic" position. These 4 points help you accomplish that. We can look at all athletes and use analogies to show you how important this is so please do not ignore these basic fundamentals. Your poor shots could be a result of your poor set-up and posture so call one of our highly trained instructors to get your posture and set-up checked out.

Jeffrey M. Rosenberg, PGA
General Manager/Head Golf Professional
Little Bennett Golf Course

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