Friday, April 22, 2011

Pre-Shot Routine

The pre-shot routine is one of the most overlooked aspects of the golf swing. Yes, I did say golf swing. A golf swing is only as good as your target line awareness therefore I consider your pre-shot routine part of your swing. Having been a PGA member for almost 20 years, I find it interesting that golfers tend to practice with out purpose. Most golfers never leave their mat and just wack away at 100 balls, which mean that more than likely the “ball” has been the target and not the flag stick. Listed are some easy tips to help you establish a solid pre-shot routine on and off the course:

 Visualize what you want the shot to look like.

 Always get directly behind the shot and walk into your stance with your hips and feet open to the target line.

 Do some waggles just like Arnold Palmer, he wasn’t just fidgeting with his pants that was his way of getting loose.

 Take in consideration all the outside variables such as weather conditions and type of stance you have these factors will effect the outcome of the shot.

 When practicing make sure you walk off the mat or behind the shot every other ball. If you don’t get behind it just make sure you are thinking target before your next shot.

 Clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Do not hit a golf shot unless you are committed and ready to execute the shot. This sounds easy, however, its one of the hardest things to do.

 Practice your routine at home and on the range. The more you ingrain your routine the faster and easier it will become.

I hope some of the listed “tips” will help you achieve better shots and better scores immediately. If you need personal help with the above information please see any of our MCG golf professionals for some advice or for a lesson.

Jon LeSage, PGA
Head Professional
Falls Road Golf Course

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