Friday, April 8, 2011

Putting Tip

Generally the most overlooked aspect of the game is putting. All players constantly want to improve their ball striking but yet they wonder why at the end of the season their handicap has yet to improve. Below are two tips that will help shave some strokes on the putting green.

Tip #1
Most putters usually get in trouble because they are eager to see if they have made the putt and tend to pull their head up to early. A good method for keeping the head still during the putt is to pick a spot back center of the ball and then focus on listening to the ball go into the hole. So after you have contacted the ball your head remains still and the eyes should be focusing on the spot on the green where the ball was.

 Tip #2
Allow the shoulders to make the putting stroke. The putting stroke should mirror a pendulum on a clock. Allow the hands and arms to be an extension of the shoulders and then the shoulders rock back and forth in a smooth motion. The shoulders should move in a smooth and timely motion in order to keep rhythm in the putting stroke.

These two tips should allow you to begin making more putts.

Justin Keith, PGA
Teaching Professional
Falls Road Golf Course

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