Friday, April 15, 2011

Swing Tip - Chipping

The most common problem with chipping that I see is that people do not hit the ball on the way down.  Sweeping, brushing or even hitting the ball on the upswing are common faults. 

A good drill to help you correct this is to place 4 balls down on the ground touching each other perpendicular to the edge of the putting green. Put the ball you are going to chip 1 grip length closer to the green and practice chipping balls onto the green from that location.

The key to the drill is to keep the handle of the club ahead of the ball and to strike the ball on the way down. Remember you should not hit the 4 balls on the back or forward swing!!

Start close to the green with an 8 iron and in no time you will understand the basics to a successful chipping motion.

Mike Kenny, PGA
Head Professional
Needwood Golf Course

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Eddie said...

I had trouble visualizing when you meant until the last line or so. Perhaps you could include photos in future posts? Thanks!