Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter work: Get Educated!

Today our MCG superintendents and assistant superintendents are attending one of many important educational seminars to help enable us to continue our commitment to using the latest research, ideas, and practices that make our operations more efficient, environmentally sustainable, and provide the best conditions we can for our customers.
Today's seminar was organized by our own Teddy Blauvelt (Hampshire Greens superintendent) and Steve Evans (Hampshire Greens asst superintendent). Teddy serves the local Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents as the Education Director, and Steve serves on the Education Committee.
There are 160 people in attendance today to hear presentations from a number of locally, nationally, and internationally recognized university researchers, industry professionals, and environmental organizations.
Topics today consist of greens aeration and topdressing research, environmental and economic sustainability from Audubon International, summer disease preparedness, managing greens under stress, using turf knowledge to improve care of ornamental plants and woodlands, and a presentation about the International Golf course Equipment Managers Association.
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